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It is very easy to install the Ez-Hang airplane hanger. First locate the wooden ceiling joints in your garage or basement. Drill a pilot hole a little smaller than the J hook screw, then screw in the J hook until tight.

Put the clear plastic tubing over the hanger for wooden planes and then hang them up on the J hook. I would suggest keeping them about 12″ away from the wall and you can usually put one on each ceiling joint (usually 18″ to 24″ on center) all along the wall.

On the new foamies, I recommend using the new cushion sets that can be ordered seperatley. They really help keep the leading edge of the tail feathers from damage.

Hanging by the horizontal stab, (most common) method.

You can utilize the Ez-Hangs on the Giant Scale aircraft also. It is a good idea to hang them with one in front around the prop and use one in the back of the plane just before the leading edge of the tail feathers. Put the front one up first with the ez-hang on the prop and then lift the back of the fuse up between both ends of the ez-hang a have a small rope pre-made to slide over the ez-hang. This is a good idea to keep them off the ground to save walking space and also keeps the mice from eating the wires! The basic kit with the clear plastic tubing is good enough to protect the hanger from hurting the prop. Easy (one man) operation to put them up and down quickly!

Hang the giant scales by the props!

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